BEST OF Winter 2015!

LRCCS faculty in the news:

1. LRCCS director Mary Gallagher sheds light on the increase of worker strikes in China and provides insights on the influential Chinese labor lawyer Duan Yi.

2. Read Wang Zheng's statement upon the release of the five Chinese feminist activists - an LRCCS exclusive, as well as her various comments on the activists' plight

3. Linda Lim addresses Lee Kuan Yew's legacy in Singapore and his impact on the rest of the world.

4. Nico Howson explains foreign corporate structure in light of proposed Chinese law; he is also interviewed about the dispute between Chinese government and Alibaba over fake goods. 

5. The Dictionary of Buddhism co-authored by Donald Lopez wins the prestigious Dartmouth Medal.

LRCCS students' work in the spotlight:

6. From newcomers to nascent scholars: LRCCS MA students Ryan EtzcornNeal McKenna, and Andrea Valedon write about their first time at the Association for Asian Studies annual conference.

7. The World (literally, and the popular radio program) is taking notice of LRCCS Student Associate Joseph Ho's work on American missionaries in China and the rare photographic collection on which his research is based

All eyes on LRCCS alumni:

8. Damien Ma (LRCCS MA '06) goes on NPR to discuss corruption crackdown and other pressing issues for the Chinese government

9. David Shambaugh (PhD '88, political science) pens a controversial essay on "The Coming Chinese Crackup."

10. David Caragliano (JD/MA '09) offers up creative thinking on Hong Kong's Chief Executive election

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