Stanford FACES Conference 2015-16: Application is NOW OPEN!

Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES)

It can start with a handshake. It can start with a raised glass. It can start with a game of ping pong or with a stroll down a garden path.

This year, it starts with forty extraordinary student delegates, twenty from China and twenty from the United States. It starts with two weeks, one at Stanford in the fall and one in China in the spring, that bring them together on common ground -- with debates and discussions, and the friendships forged in the midst of them. It starts with engagement between the leaders of tomorrow and the leaders, thinkers, and innovators who have shaped the world they will inherit. It starts with this one unique conference, that for over fourteen years has given rise to a powerful community of more than 800 alumni, who remain unified by shared memories of the past and shared visions of the future, even as they span and shape the globe.

So roll up your sleeves. This year, the Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford is hosting our 15th Annual Conference -- and this time, it starts with you.

Click here to learn more. Applications due June 20, 2015.